My passion with healthy food started a long time ago; I was just 15 years old when I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. Shortly after, while in my late teens, both of my parents got sick; my mom had breast cancer and open-heart surgery and my dad had a triple bypass (they were only in their 40’s). After these two incidents, I started educating myself on healthier food choices and made a conscious decision that I was not going to get cancer or have heart disease.

I slowly started giving up certain foods to stay healthy. As I continued to educate myself, I learned what to eat and what not to eat. My research spanned over many years and included the avoidance of artificial sweeteners, dairy, white flour, white sugar, and gluten. After I stopped eating gluten, the muscle pain I had for twenty years had gone away. After all the years of defining my diet, I could not believe that such a small change like gluten could make my body feel great again.

When I would visit friends, I would gasp if I saw canned food in the pantry and offer to make some kale chips for the kids. I did this for many years, until one day, my good friend Candice told me about this amazing school where we could become certified health coaches. I do not remember 24 hours going by before I was signed up and ready to go. I enrolled in Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and the rest is history! The school made me a better version of myself and I am grateful.

The good news is I will not ask YOU to cut anything out of your diet. I will help you achieve your health and wellness goals, become aware of what your body is telling you, define your own diet, and help you find the balance you need in your life to nurture the best person in your life, which is YOU!

During our time together, you will discover the foods that work for you and you will make decisions based on your newfound self-awareness. We will discuss small changes that will be put into actionable goals that can be achieved during our sessions. These small changes will ultimately lead to new habits that will form your new healthy lifestyle. Together, we will create your unique diet through discovery and change.

As your health and wellness coach, I will support YOU during each step of your health and wellness journey. The Embodied Journey is YOURS!