Dressing (optional):
1/2 cup coconut yogurt (Anita’s)
2 garlic cloves minced
2 Tsp parsley
2 Tsp herb spice blend
Salt and Pepper

1. Add minced garlic to coconut yogurt. Mix well.
2. Add remaining ingredients and mix well.
3. Add salt and pepper.
4. Add to quinoa recipe and serve.

1 cup Quinoa
2 cloves garlic
1 large white onion
2 – 8 oz. packages of sliced mushrooms
1 – 10oz package of organic frozen peas
1 package of organic spinach
2 Tsp. ghee butter or coconut oil

Cook the quinoa. I like to cook the quinoa in a rice cooker. If using a rice cooker, add 1 cup of quinoa, 2 cups of water and a dash of salt. If you don’t have a rice cooker, follow the directions on the quinoa package, using 1 cup of quinoa for the recipe.
While the quinoa is cooking, prepare the vegetables. Finely chop the white onion and mince the garlic. Rinse the mushrooms and spinach.
Add 2 Tsp of Ghee Butter or Coconut Oil to a pan or non-stick skillet. Add the white onion. Cook for 3-4 minutes, then add the garlic. Cook until the onion is soft and slightly browned.
In a separate pan, sautéed the mushrooms until soft (5-7m).
Add the mushrooms to the onion and garlic.
When the quinoa is done, add the quinoa to the pan with the onions, garlic, and mushrooms.
Heat the pan, add the frozen peas until thawed.
Add the spinach and cook until wilted. Mix together.
Serve warm.