ONE ON ONE COACHING: One on one coaching offers you the most effective way for you to reach your health and wellness goals. The program includes:

  • (12) 50 minute sessions (two times per month)
  • Unlimited emails in between sessions
  • An established blueprint of your body’s needs
  • Simple recipes and food education
  • Handouts specific to your goals

GROUP COACHING: this service is perfect for two or more people that want to share their health journey. Have a friend? No problem! The program includes:

  • (12) 50 minute sessions (two times per month)
  • Unlimited emails in between sessions
  • Presentations on food education
  • Simple, health recipes
  • Handouts specific to group goals

Group sessions will be customize according to the groups needs and goals. Cooking lab sessions are available.

KITCHEN VISITS: this service includes a 1-hour in-home visit. During this visit, we will go through the foods you currently have in your refrigerator and pantry to help you decipher what is healthy and what it not. This session will help you make healthier choices in the kitchen.

SUPERMARKET TOURS: this 1-hour service is held at your local supermarket. A supermarket tour will help you determine where you should be spending your time when food shopping. During the tour, different foods will be identified as the best choices for your health and why.

WEEKEND HEALTH AND WELLNESS GETAWAYS: Customized weekends designed to jump start your health and wellness goals and educate you on the best food choices. During these weekends, we will have group sessions, cooking labs, exercise sessions, and free time for reflection.

CORPORATE SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: Health and Wellness is becoming a mainstream topic in most corporations, as taking care of employees and reducing healthcare costs is necessary. This service includes a one-hour talk customized to best serve employees’ needs. Popular talks include reducing stress, increasing energy, general well being, and food education. Longer time frames are available.