This is a LOVE jar.  Not a jar you fill up with love for others; it’s a jar that you fill up with love for YOU.  The purpose of a love jar is for you to start a daily practice of giving yourself unconditional LOVE.  The idea is to fill this jar with  love, caring, and kindness for yourself.  When you fill yourself with LOVE, you feed your soul, which helps create a connection between mind, body and soul.  This is a practice will help you become aware of the importance of self love and help generate a life of positivity.

Here are the steps to creating your LOVE jar.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to find a jar; it can be any size or shape and should be a jar that you gravitate towards.
  2. Choose something to fill up your jar. It could be little hearts, jellybeans, marbles, coins. The idea is to use something small enough that can be easily placed in the jar.
  3. Now that you have the essentials, ask yourself everyday what you love about YOU.
  4. Every affirmation, confirmation, or statement you make about YOU will generate a toss in the jar. Add your token of choice into your LOVE jar.
  5. Keep filling your jar with love tokens until it is full. When you fill up a small jar, move onto the next size and so on and so on. Eventually, you’ll be hosting a very large LOVE jar.
    • If buying a jar and tokens if not feasible, you can picture a LOVE jar and tokens. Repeat the steps above in your imagination and continue to love and support yourself through daily self-reflection.


  • Must have a jar and tokens, whether you have a physical jar or a jar you can imagine
  • The love, caring, and kindness must be about YOU and only YOU
  • Fill up jar consistently, preferably daily, thus creating a habit

Here are three ways to fill up your LOVE jar:

  1. I AM’s: I AM’s are filled with adjectives about you that are positive. EX: I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM SMART, I AM LOYAL, I AM PASSIONATE. Every I AM will generate a love token that you can place in your LOVE jar.
  2. I am grateful: write down three things you are grateful for everyday. EX: I am grateful for the sun that’s shining, I am grateful that I have a job, I am grateful that my body is healthy, and so on and so on. Every grateful affirmation will generate a token of LOVE.
  3. Every time you catch yourself with negative self-talk, change it to something positive. This practice will help you reduce the frequency of negative self talk and change the negative to positive. This generates a LOVE token, because it creates a higher level of self-awareness that eventually turns into positive self talk.

Good luck with your LOVE jars! #LOVE